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Almighty Dollar

I usually encounter this debate in the context of MP3 music downloads, but rmwilliamsjr sums up the gross hypocricy of the argument that downloaded music robs the creative artists of the compensation they deserve in his rant about the legality and morality of photocopying books.

Here's but a snippet:
Do not quote to me "you shall not steal" when you know it is a political right, that you manipulate to your own aggrandizement, under the color of concern for the rights of the authors. If the system was truely interested in the rights of the authors we would have a well developed system of micropayments, library transfer fees and all the rest of the proposed techniques that rightfully compensate the author of the works, and not the hangers-on. Libraries essentially operate on old ideals and are being used as an escape hatch for intellectuals dissent from the system, much as hiring the welfare activists to adminster the system defanged the poor people's movements.(actually it was better than shooting them, the tactic of 100 years earlier) The fact that some of the money reaches the author is 1)to motivate them to produce more 2)to use as a club to justify their take. The bare fact that we have NO mechanism to actually pay the authors for reading the works is defacto proof that their(the intellectual robber barons) income is the laws only concern.

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