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Workin' does a body good

I haven't done much in the way of physical labor recently. This point came home to me yesterday while working with Patrice on a greenhouse for my mother. We were just digging the footings and putting in the concrete blocks that we'll later fill with earth and cement. Now it's morning and I'm feeling the effects of yesterday's efforts. In about half an hour I'll be heading over to Patrice's place to dig garden beds. I'll be sure to stretch and do a couple of yoga postures to get my lower back limbered up before I attack the ground with pick and spade this morning.

Patrice is a good man to have working on my side. He knew I'd need tools to build the green house (and later my well house, workshop, and future home), so he called around to all the local hardware suppliers and found the best prices on quality tools. I spent several hundred bucks yesterday, but I know own a Porter-Cable skill saw and a Porter-Cable hammer drill. I also now own a tool belt. It I ever wore one before yesterday, I would have been playing dress up. I'm starting a life phase in which that tool belt will see as much action as the fuzzy sheep skin slippers I used to wear at the office when I worked at Amazon.com.

Patrice also called around and found the best deals on lumber, rebar, portland cement, and concrete blocks.

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