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Not eating. Thinking of Ducks

I've taken the opportunity of the long weekend to do a juice fast. I'm consuming only freshly extracted apple juice. Today, my sense of smell works. Yea & hurray! I went through the spice rack smelling everything this morning.

I have photos of the new house ready to post. I'll do that as soon as I've finished this grab-bag update.

I'm still thinking and dreaming about implementing the Aigamo method of organic rice and duck production. Here's a link to an article I hadn't read before:


Again, it makes reference to a video that the method's pioneer has made that includes English language narration. I would very much like to view this video. Does anybody have any leads on it?

We still have no internet access from the new house. I got a card for my laptop that let me access the web via the cell phone network. It worked great in town, but out on our property it worked slower than dial-up and not at all when it rained. Can't justify the expense for such lame performance. I returned the card for a refund. I'm writing this from the Panera Bread Company in Bentonville. They provide free wi-fi. I will have driven 40 minutes round-trip today to check my email.

I recently ordered ten Plymoth Rock Barred pullets and fifteen Rhode Island Reds. They both lay brown eggs. Soon the scraps that now go into the compost tumbler will go to the chickens (or "chooks" as I like to call them, even though nobody around here knows what the heck I'm talking about) and come back to us as actual "farm fresh" eggs. The chicks should arrive on the morning of the 8th.


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Sep. 3rd, 2006 03:13 am (UTC)
One link about the Aigamo method said the video was

The Practice of Rice-Duck Farming published by Nobunkyo, 1993.

I don't find anything searching for this title; might need the Japanese to find it.
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