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Chooks n Chillins Grow Quickly

The chicks soon outgrew the cardboard box in which you last saw them. I moved them into a dog crate that I bought for the Great Pyrenees, Molly, who joined our family very briefly when we first moved into the Frog House. They lived in the entryway in the crate for a week or so before I moved the whole operation out to the garage.

Every now and again, kids look out at you from beind new faces.

To put in the chicken run, I'd need to venture into the tall grass. Short on tools and money, I took a page from the crop circle hoaxer's handbook, and used boards and rope to stomp the grass flat. (Notice them against the shed in the foreground.) I also attacked the prickly vines (wild blackberries?) with a pair of long-handled pruning shears.

I built the chicken run with metal fence posts and cattle panels taken from an existing fence, store-bought chicken wire, pallets scavenged from a local hardware store trash, and wire and wood that the previous owners left lying around. In this photo, I have yet to put a top on the run or secure the pallet to the far end.

The chickens had spent a few temperate nights in the coop(pictured) that my mom made for our last batch, but this represented their first opportunity to walk under blue skies and scratch in the dirt without wire under their feet.

The straw bales will slowly go into the chook run to build up a raised garden bed.

Just over two weeks old and long past their prime as advertising fodder. As I've mentioned before with our previous batch of chicks, they grow very quickly. Any fuzzy chickie you see used in an advertisment as an avatar of delicate fluffy softness came out of its shell just hours before having its photo taken. Last time I posted pictures of these gals, they looked like this. Now, they've got the big feet, and the fuzz is almost gone. The bars are really starting to come out on the Plymouth Rocks.

Remeber the day this guy came on the scene? It was July 15th, 2004.


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Sep. 30th, 2006 05:38 am (UTC)
The first shot reminds me of a poster I had years ago. It was a flock of turkeys - hundreds - standing around with the caption: "Now that we're organized, what do we do?"
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