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C-Realm Podcast: Episode 8

In this episode, KMO reveals just how a small an audience he has listening at this point. He also interviews Dr. Richard Grossman about the use of sound for healing and inducing altered states of consciousness.

C-Realm Podcast

Give it a listen!

Episode 8: Songs of Healing

Dr. Richard Grossman

The cover art for this episode pictures instruments that Dr. Grossman used to create the music for this episode.

His three websites having to do with acupuncture, sound healing, and experiential tours:


If you've read this far it seems you have an interest. You might visit Dr. Grossman's websites and leave him a comment telling him that you heard about him on the C-Realm Podcast.


Polymorphic Convolutions

Download "Somptin Happnin'" (mp3)
from "Polymorphic Convolutions"
by Various Artists
Electronic Soundscapes

In June of 2007, I moved this episode from Podomatic to Archive.org in order to free up space to post new episodes to Podomatic. Here are the comments for this episode that would otherwise have been lost when I erased this episode from the Podomatic archive:


at 01:26AM Tuesday on November 28, 2006, BlackBeauty said:

Hi KMO, have just arrived here from the Dopecast forums...have subscribed and am looking forward to hear your show after the other guy's recommendations at the forums! So, maybe now you can count on not having too small an audience for much longer smiley
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at 12:15PM Tuesday on December 05, 2006, cannabistourist said:

im the same as above finnally followed the link! im glad i did im diggin the show im about to do my first roadcast im gonna slap an episode of the dopecast on a cd to give out to people i come across do you mind if i slap and episode of your podcast on there im sure the heads i run into will love it! the slip cover of the cd will include your web address and email along with the corresponding info of the dopecast hope to hear from ya soon im leavin out thursday
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at 03:44PM Tuesday on December 05, 2006, KMO said:

about 3 hours ago, cannabistourist wrote:
> do you mind if i slap and episode of your podcast on there im sure the heads i run into will love it!

No problem. Go ahead and burn the show to disk and share it with folks you know would like it. Thanks for leaving a comment. Stay well.
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at 07:40PM Wednesday on December 20, 2006, said:

I just discoverd you through Dopefiend. I am in SO CAL. Kudos, kudos, kudos. I will listen to this show as my initial try.. but I've already sent your site to many other intellectual entheogenic folks I know..... thanks much. I'll comment shortly.
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at 05:27PM Saturday on December 30, 2006, Mike said:

Awesome show!!!
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at 07:22AM Thursday on April 19, 2007, Anonomora said:

This is one of my favorite episodes

keep at it KMO!
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