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Episode 23: Principles of Precaution

In this episode, we finish up the conversation with NLP instructor and "motivational mind-reader" Rex Sikes, and then KMO talks environmentalism and transhumanism with Digital Crusader, Eric Boyd.



Rex Sikes:
Rex Sikes is a Professional Mentalist/Mind Reader, Keynote Speaker, and Seminar Leader who demonstrates the amazing powers of the human mind.

Originally from Los Angeles, Rex performs as a Mind Reader, and has appeared in movies, on television and radio. You may have seen him on numerous news programs, and on such shows as NBC's "The Other Side" The Learning Channel's "Perfect Proposal" or "Inside Edition".

As an expert in non-verbal communication and persuasion, Rex is a consultant for TV News shows and celebrity trials including the OJ Simpson trial.

He has authored numerous books and home study programs on personal and professional development. "You Can Read Minds Too!" and "How To Get People To Do What You Want" are among his titles.

From his first stage appearance at age 8, Rex easily moved onto movies, televsion, and stage in Los Angeles. He performed in nightclubs and theaters and everything in between. His appearances include intimate private parties, large-scale events, local small businesses, and international corporations.

For over 30 years now, from Northern Canada to the tip of Southern Australia, Rex is a sought after Speaker and Presenter on the powers of the mind.

Sikes is the Founder of IDEA Seminars, Inc., where he trains students from all over the world in personal and professional development and influential communication.

Link: http://www.amazingrex.com

You can find the unedited version of my interview with Rex here: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=TZ35AU7Z

Here's the Skeptic's Dictionary entry for NLP: http://skepdic.com/neurolin.html

And the Wikipedia entry: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Neuro-linguistic_programming

Eric Boyd (A.K.A. Digital Crusader):
Eric Boyd lives and works full time in the heart of Silicon Valley, California. In addition to his work as an engineer, he enjoys kung-fu, gardening, becoming more, being green, and meeting with fellow geeks. His blog serves as his external memory - a place to record cool things and share them with others of a like mind. It's also a public platform for his evolving book in progress.

And don't forget the 3rd Annual Amazonian Shamanism Conference.

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