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I got the following email from a listener:

Your podcast is great and very informative. Keep up the good work.

I've heard China's growing importance mentioned in numerous episodes of your Podcast and with the Beijing Olympics putting China in the spotlight this Summer, I wonder if maybe you might consider an episode or two devoted to the rise of China and the implications for the so called first world by that rise. I know you've got the conference in Peru coming up and have lots of interviews in the can, so just something to think about down the line.

Some suggestions for guests to interview or books to check out if you are at all interested in this subject.

Getting Rich First: Life in a Changing China - Duncan Hewitt

From what I've read of it this is excellent and very current. You can find an interesting interview with Mr. Hewitt here:


The River Runs Black - The Environmental Challenge to China's Future - Elizabeth C. Economy

Focuses on environmental issues.There are some comparisons in the book to the environmental problems in the former soviet union / Eastern Europe and China which are quite interesting.



Jan Wong's China - Jan Wong

Chinese Canadian who used to cover China for the CBC. The book gives a great overview of issues facing China, especially the censorship and government control that goes on there, but it is about 10 years old, so probably a little dated. She's still an active writer though as far as I know and no doubt has an interesting perspective being of Chinese ancestry.

China Inc. - Ted C. Fishman

As I recall this book is more sympathetic than most to China's situation and puts a lot of blame on the US, especially when it comes to 'made in China.'

In regards to the Beijing Olympics and the issues surrounding that, you could try

Reporters Without Borders



Radio Free Asia


Also, if you are interested in learning something about organic farming in Hong Kong then check out...


Alright, hope some of this may be useful. Take care.

Wow. Now that's a nice collection of leads on this topic. I welcome any others.

I've made the book titles in the quoted email into links to those titles on the C-Realm Amazon Store. My Amazon store traffic has come to a near stand still, and I'd very much like to get some folks clicking on links, even if it doesn't necessarily lead to any new sales.

Also, I've got a "listener recommendation" section on the site. If you can think of any books that I should read or that would be of interest to someone who enjoys the C-Realm Podcast, please do post a comment here with your recommendations or send me an email.

When I add an item to the astore, I can include comments. If you'd like me to identify you as the person making the recommendation, I'll be happy to do so. I don't think I can include html, but I'll be happy to put in your name, LJ user name, or Amazon profile handle (or whatever). Any recommendation is valuable to me, but one with comments from you is even more valuable.

Thanks all, and stay well.


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