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Entheogen Conference DownUnder

Link: http://www.entheo.net/index.html

From C-Realm Listener Doron:
Greetings KMO!

Firstly, I just wanted to say that have been an avid listener to your show since I left the UK early last year and embarked on a 4 month hiatus in the Amazon working with our plant friends. I have really enjoyed your guests and love the fact that they all seem to be normal, level-headed individuals who have big ideas and are willing to propose new ways of looking at the world, and solving some its problems - mostly with a good sense of humour - which god knows, is going to be important as we approach the next phase of the human story!

It's funny, that right now I am listening to your chat with Michael Tsarion and you guys are summing up my view exactly about Obama being elected and allowed into the oval office by the 'powers that be'.
Whilst i agree that this seems like a landmark event which will give many people a lot of comfort, I unfortunately don't think it's going to make much difference at all - its the same power structure and elite behind the scenes and the agenda still remains the same - the job (what ever that is) will be carried out in a more palatable way that's all. Often I listen to your podcast and the subject matter and comments your guests or you make, are exactly what I'm thinking or interested in hearing about at that precise time. It really does more than whiff of the synchromystisism that Neil Kramer talks about.
Keep up the good work!

This aside, I would like to draw your attention to some really good work that's happening here in Australia. Since arriving here I have been lucky enough to work with a group of people called Entheogenesis Australis (or EGA) (see http://www.entheo.net/index.html) who put on an annual conference out here which attracts a wide range of people. The event is usually 3 or 4 days out in the bush with talks given by people within the Australian entheogenic community and also some international guests - last year Dennis Mckenna was the headline guest and they had over 400 attend.

I wonder if you would be able to give us a mention as I know you have probably have a fair few Aussie listeners and it might be interesting to your audience to hear whats going on in the other side of the world - if you wanted we could arrange an interview, not just to plug EGA but to talk a bit more broadly about whats happening over here. Australia has a huge amount of DMT containing plants and wide range of active mushrooms which are really interesting, but more importantly in some ways is the respect people give the plants and the shamanic work they are doing here which is quite unique to this land.

This years event is going to be held in Melbourne University and the tone is much more geared towards engaging a new audience (theres no point always preaching to the converted) and will hopefully raise awareness amongst academia and the broader community about entheogens and spark some debate about drug prohibition in general. The objective is to add some more 'weight' to our cause.

I've attached some more information and it would be cool to hear back from you. If this is not possible then its no issue at all - as I've said, your work is really important and has my complete respect.

Very best,


PS. I will be out for the Shamanic conference organised by Alan next year and it would be cool to hook up - there will be a few people from the EGA with me.

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