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TV producer David Simon, in testimony before Congress:
I am offended to think that anyone, anywhere believes that American institutions as insulated, self-preserving, and self-justifying as police departments, school systems, legislatures, and chief executives can be held to [account] by amateurs, pursuing the task without compensation, training, or for that matter, sufficient standing to make public officials even care to whom it is they are lying or from whom they are withholding information.

Al Giordano, founder of Narconews:
Offended, he is. Offended! And I am laughing out loud that defenders of 'American institutions as insulated, self-preserving, and self-justifying' as daily newspapers think they're anything special or at all different from the institutions that Simon describes. As a beat reporter who has covered hundreds of those city council and school board meetings, legislative sessions, court cases, etcetera, I've read just as many stories in the next day's daily by those with such overrated 'compensation, training (and)… sufficient standing to make public officials even care,' and have wondered, again and again, what meeting or hearing (or planet!) those 'professionals' had attended because their write-ups didn’t at all reflect the realities that I witnessed and heard at each event…

The daily newspaper industry lost this war in less than a decade because it had become, in Simon’s words, an 'insulated, self-preserving, and self-justifying' institution. And while they were busy patting themselves on the back up there in their imaginary Olympus, and marginalizing everyone else, a better mousetrap was invented.

More: http://narcosphere.narconews.com/thefield/black-and-white-and-dead-all-over



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May. 17th, 2009 12:35 am (UTC)
Some rely on credentials
Disappointing to know that people like Simon are getting time in front of Congress. As Clay Shirky argues, the "journalist" is just part of a caste system created due to the scarcity of publishing equipment. Those that rely on the credentials of a report's author instead of thinking will have a hard time coping with the more complicated media world of the next few years (and the extended future if server farms are sustainable.)
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