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I Just Broke My Fast

I did it with bone broth supplemented with a paste called Better Than Bullion. I'm dying to eat more, but not for a couple of hours, at least. My pulse seems elevated, and I feel the threat of a headache. Also, while my taste buds and brain heartily approved of my first calories in over 10 days, my stomach is not entirely on board with the whole project.

Yesterday, I weighed in at 200.0 lbs. I was looking for that scale to say something like 198.4 this morning. Instead, I weighed exactly the same this morning as I did yesterday morning. That's a little frustrating, but just a little bit. I did lose nearly 17 pounds in 10 days (though, I know at least 5 pounds will return in the next few days).

The Finish Line is in Sight

Today is the final day of my 10-day fast. I started at 216.4. This morning I weighed in at 200 pounds even. But the fast isn't over. I break fast with bone broth tomorrow.

Bone broth, if you've never had it, tastes like nothing in particular, so I'm about to go to the nearby supermarket to look for some miso soup. I'm sure they won't have it, and the nearest upscale store is a half hour's drive each way. Skip that. If the local store doesn't have miso, I'll get some bullion cubes.

I soooo wish this day was over, or at least I wish it was 8:30 PM so I could watch the new episode of Star Trek: Discovery, but wishing that you were X number of minutes, hours, or days closer to the end of your life is no way to live.

I also abstained from playing video games on this fast, and I plan to continue that trend, at least avoiding them until the end of the day when all of my work is done, and not first thing in the morning while I drink my morning coffee.

I also stopped drinking coffee on this fast. Do I plan to get back on it? Quitting is hard. Staying off it is the easy part, but I've heard that it has neuro-protective benefits, and given how much I enjoy it, I'm anxious to believe those findings.

Today is the final day of my fast.

Final weigh-in is tomorrow, but I need my white board.

The Den

One setting in the Antarctic base we haven't seen since the strip was in the single digits.


I went to see Captain Marvel last night. It was the first public showing of the film in my rural Vermont village. I'd followed the controversy swirling around this film, particularly Brie Larson's intonation giving away her insincerity when she claimed that she doesn't hate white dudes. You know, not murder them with a rusty spoon-level hate, anyway. 

I considered not seeing it, but I knew that the character of Captain Marvel would be playing some role in Avengers: Endgame, and I want to get the maximum enjoyment out of that film when the time comes. Also I went to see it because I knew that I'd be tuning in to the chatter surrounding the film, and I wanted to be in a position to form my own opinion about it. 

I was NOT looking forward to the experience. Based on some of the early reviews, I expected to enjoy Sam Jackson and Ben Mendleson's performances, and that expectation bore out. They were both great. On the other hand, I thought I was going to have to grit my teeth and endure Brie Larson's performance. I formed this expectation based on the marketing for the film and from Brie Larson's public comments long before there were any reviews to read.

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Just Chill, My Soul

A basically contemporary vernacular translation of Be Still, My Soul, Be Still by A E Housman.

Chill, my soul. Just Chill.

You are not strong enough to take on the whole world.

If you're really freaking out

just think back to the time when it was all good.

Bad stuff happened back then, but I didn't care

because I hadn't been born yet.

Now I'm alive, and it's a fucking mystery to me

what I did to deserve this shit.


Shit's fucked up, but at least life is short.

Might as well kick back and watch the assholes be assholes.

See what I'm saying?

Life offers a full range of sucky experiences.

Mad as hell, scared outta your mind, dissed.

Don't tell me I chose to be here.

This is bullshit.

A Thousand Words

I posted a video on Friday, February 8th, 2019 in which I talked with my young friend, Collin, about, among other things, our expectations concerning technology and the future of technological civilization. Collin expressed the opinion that technological progress will continue and, in spite of some potential rough patches, that humanity would "keep going up." I don't recall shooting down the idea of perpetual progress in that video, but I do harbor some doubts, and I guess that showed through in my expression, because YouTube user Apjooz posted a comment asking:

"What development do you think would need to happen for you to shift your thinking in terms of decline? Like what trends would start to convince you that maybe Colin's right and we'll keep going upwards instead of declining."

My answer turns on who the "we" in your question refers to.

I'm concerned that whole sectors of employment are either being automated out of existence or exported to countries with lower wages, fewer worker protections and lax environmental regulations, something that modern information and communications technology makes possible. Instead of freeing people from onerous labor, the benefits of this transformation are going to a tiny minority while the middle class that took form in the so-called "West" in the post-war boom years of the 20th Century evaporates into a growing class of people who will fail to do as well at their parents did.

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Wacom Stylus for 2019 iPad (NOT Pro)


Hello. I write and draw a weekly webcomic, and so far I have created it using a PC laptop and an XP-Pen pen display. That setup takes up a LOT of desk real estate and isn't portable. I've wanted an all-in-one drawing device for YEARS, but couldn't work it into the budget. If money were no object, I would buy a Wacom mobile studio or Cintiq Companion. I've lusted after the Surface Pro since Microsoft first introduced it, but again, out of my price range. Same with the iPad Pro.

I have read and watched a LOT of reviews on the iPad, Surface Go, and Galaxy Tab S4. I had all of them in my Amazon shopping cart at one time or another over the last couple of weeks, but the Tab S4 can't run Clip Studio Paint or Procreate (I've never used Procreate, but I'd like to based on what I've read and watched). That left me deciding between a Surface Go and a regular 2019 iPad. I went with the iPad because of the promised simplicity. I'm not really into tech for it's own sake, and the ready-to-use-right-out-of-the-box promise of the iPad, along with the fact that it can run Clip Studio and Procreate, tipped the balance in favor or the iPad (even though I've never* owned an Apple device before and iOS is a foreign environment for me).

My one reservation: I tried out the Apple pencil on a friend's device, and I don't like the feel of it.

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Recorded this morning in his kitchen.



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