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Grand Hyatt

I'm writing from the Grand Hyatt on Pine, kitty-corner from Pacific Place. Unlike the Sheraton, the Hyatt offers free Broadband to laptop-bearing guests. Download only, it seems, but it beats the heck out of asking the concierge where I can check my email and hearing her give me directions to an internet cafe.

Yesterday, before we left Bellingham, I sent out the following to a group of real world friends who live in or not outrageously far from Seattle:
Hey, my Peeps,

Lara, Logan, and I are in Bellingham now but will be staying at the Grand Hyatt (741 Pine) this evening. Tomorrow, we depart for Arkansas.

Tonight, we would love to hang out downtown with some dear old friends.

Lara and I have cell phones.

Lara: (206) XXX-XXXX


If you have the leisure time and the inclination to hang out tonight, please give Lara or me a call. we've given you short notice, so we understand completely if you've got other irons in the fire. No regrets.

We aim to arrive in Seattle sometime in the mid to late afternoon.

Communing with you soon(er or later),


Only sgnp called, and we ended up hanging out with him in our hotel room. Lara was suffering with a creeping cold virus, so a big gathering in a public space might have been more headache than fun.

This morning we head east. Hopefully we'll make it as far as Spokane before Logan brings an end to the day's haul.

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