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I just read a very stimulating post in a journal of someone I don't know. I followed a trial of bread crumbs and links to this entry in prester_scott's journal, read it, liked it, got inspired by it, wrote a lengthy response, clicked "submit" and learned that prester_scott has set up his journal so that only people on his friends list can reply to his posts.

I can imagine why he might configure his journal that way. The web is crawling with crusading, anti-religious, rational empiricist zealots. (Seriously.) This breed of evangelical skeptic, both righteous and tireless, could prove a real pest, should your Christian LiveJournal catch his attention.

I do not allow comments from anonymous posters in my journal. I make up the story that prester_scott and I draw similar protective lines in the sand around our cyber sandcastles for similar reasons. We just trace those protective circles at different removes from our LJ nuclei.

Of course, when I hit the "back" button on my browser, the text that I typed in the comment window had vanished. I actually did think to copy the entirety of my lengthy reply to my buffer (control + A, control + C) before I hit "submit," so all was not (yet) lost. "I'll get his email address from his user profile page and email him the reply that could not be posted. Cool."

I went to prester_scott's profile page, grabbed his email address (control + C) and... D'oh!


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Aug. 13th, 2003 07:29 am (UTC)
You have read me rightly, sir. You now have my attention. :)
Aug. 13th, 2003 06:09 pm (UTC)
multiple clipboards
I have banished this problem from my life forever, by installing on every computer I use one of these dinky little freeware/shareware programs that allows you to have multiple clipboards. I rarely actually make any use of my clipboard buffer; the main purpose of it is to remove a tiny bit of stress from my life, & prevent occasional blunders such as the one you describe.

(The program I'm using now is called "Clipboard Magic", but I don't especially recommend it. There's a bunch of them & they all do pretty much the same thing. Just search on any freeware archive for "multiple clipboards" or some such thing.)

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