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T3 review: Part IV -- MAJOR SPOILERS

As I watched the nukes light up the major population centers of the planet at the film’s end, I was, at first, glad to be building a largely self-sufficient, low-tech farm far from the nearest nuke-worthy target. Then I started to wonder if I really would want to survive the initial collapse of society, knowing that to survive I would probably have to kill other human beings bent on taking my carefully constructed life-support structure away from me and my family.

Apparently, John Connor and Kate Brewster had similar reservations. At the film’s end, they find themselves in an underground Dr. Strangelove-style bunker built to house VIPs while the world burns in its thermonuclear bonfire. John and Kate had fought their way there in the hopes of destroying Skynet’s central core only to learn upon arrival that Skynet had no core but consisted of software distributed throughout the global digital infrastructure. They brought an explosive device on a timer with them to destroy the core, but when they realized that Kate's father, the man who unleashed Skynet on the world, had directed them there not to prevent the holocaust, but just to survive it, they consider whether they would rather live to raise the human race from the ashes or if they should let the timer on their explosive devise run down and spare themselves the hardships that lie ahead. I think that I would, eventually, make the same choice they did.

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