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What to say?

It was pouring rain on Friday morning, so no gardening. I work in Patrice's garden on Wednesday and Friday morning for a total of 8 hours a week. My grandmother sees this activity as me providing free labor. I don't see it that way at all. Those are typically the best 8 hours of my week. I get sweaty and dirty and I come home super-charged. This Friday I played Age of Empires II (The Conquerors Expansion) all day. I did do a comic that day as well, but in all, I bet I spent 10 hours in front of this machine, which is not good for my state of mind.

This poor machine. Logan has broken the B and N keys. He loves to explore on my laptop, and it seems like a really stimulating environment for him. He generally wants to listen to Cypress Hill, look at pictures of himself, or visit the Thomas the Tank Engine website. I don't want to deprive him of these activities, but at the same time, he deletes files I want to keep, changes my settings in ways that I don't always know how to reverse, and physically breaks stuff. I've seen commercials for computer-like toys for toddlers, but they look stupid and condescending. I'm sure Logan would have zero interest in such a thing. He needs his own computer, but it has to be tough. My Toshiba laptop is not tough.

I bought a pick-up truck from my grandfather. It's a '92 Ford Ranger. It sat in his feild for years, but recently my uncle Phillip helped me get it road-worthy and I took it off my grandfather's hands and more importantly, off his land, as the local government is pressuring him to get rid of all the junked cars, trucks, tractors, road graders, and school buses that share the ten acre pasture around his house with his cows.

I like my Ford Ranger. It's a stick shift. The only time I drove a stick was in 1999, when I was dating a woman in Seattle who owned a Honda Civic with a manual transmission. It came back to me pretty quickly when I started driving the truck, and I understand the satisfaction that people derive from exercising their competence with a manual transmission, but I still prefer an automatic. I like to have a free hand for holding a big 44 oz Diet Cherry Limeade from Sonic or whatever.

I got the truck serviced at Wal*Mart the other day, and they vaccumed it out. The night before last, I noticed that the floor on the passenger's side is covered with mouse droppings. Since it was just vaccummed, that must mean that I have mice living in my truck. Talk about character.

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