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I included a link to an article in a comment I left in prester_scott's journal. When I provided the link, I hadn't read the entire article. I Googled for something that mentioned both "GATTACA" and "surveilance technology." When I found the article, I grepped for "GATTACA" read a couple of paragraphs about public opinion, cut, pasted, and moved on.

A bit later I started reading the article from the beginning, and I now think that it's not something to which I would direct anyone for the quality of the writing or thought that went into it. Check out this excerpt:
It seems as though whenever one turns on the T.V. they run across a story on the news, about the War on Terrorism or something linked to it. There has been a lot of coverage on the War on Terrorism, especially on the suspects who have been brought under custody, how the Bush administration is attempting to solve the problem that our nation is undergoing, and how those who lost loved ones in the crash are copping with their loss. This coverage has helped keep Americans informed, but it just doesn't seem like it is enough which is a problem in the minds of many Americans. The problem isn't necessarily that there hasn't been enough coverage, but news reporters aren't allowed to disclose all of the facts. Not being able to disclose all of the facts or leaving gaps in the stories makes many Americans feel as if they aren't getting the whole story, when in reallity they are getting the whole story, or at least the whole story that can be disclosed.

Oy vey!

(Emphasis in the excerpt, both italics and boldface, mine.)

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