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TOTD 04 Jun 2001

Ads condition humans to view others as stereotypes, rather than as individuals. The dehumanized regimentation of expectations for self and others makes real-life relationships into our society's most perishable commodity. Reality can never compete with fantasy in a world where fantasies control basic value systems.

-Wilson Bryan Key, author of The Age of Manipulation : The Con in Confidence, the Sin in Sincere

This idea of beauty is insane! It's a program that fashon designers, sunscreen advertisers, and weight loss frozen meal manufacturers have wet wired into my unconscious. It's an ideal planted by the very fathers of capitalism, an unapproachable faminelike ideal in a time of gluttonous excess! A drive to eat and eat and consume and consume and still be thin and sexy in italian lamb foetus wool coats! madness!

I've often thought that I should start a company that sold pharmaceutical responses that furthered bulemia and anorexia... a thick pepto bismol like stomach and esophagal coating liquid to halt the destruction of the throat and teeth from HCl, IV drips of electolytes and salines to prevent loss of sodium, magnesium, and phosphor salts from vomiting constantly, special thin pvc or latex gloves to keep lesions from forming on the hands... We could market it as the barbie stay thin forever kit for the modern woman on the go!

-Steffan Ziegler

Read the whole of Steffan's rant.

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