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What up

Stuff happening recently:

Patrice and his family are spending three weeks in France. I’m covering for him in the garden; harvesting and taking the harvest to the Saturday Berryville farmers’ market, to a restaurant in Eureka Springs, and to the Natural Foods Store. The two farmers’ markets I did solo were wash-outs financially. Both Saturday mornings were gloomy and chilly, and this last one was also windy and drizzely, but I had a good time commiserating with the other die-hard sellers.

Last Thursday, Logan was playing in my truck and knocked it into neutral somehow. With him in it, the truck rolled down the slope of our back yard, thru a barbed-wire fence, across a private drive, thru another barbed-wire fence, down into a ravine, and finally spent its momentum in the felling of a tree. When I got to him, he expressed his upset with the situation, but aside from a small cut by one eye, he seemed unhurt. Since then he’s made many a reference to the truck and his ride thru the trees.

When Patrice gets back and my truck is fixed, I’ll be driving to New Mexico to pick up a papercrete mixer that a guy there is building for me.

I typed most of this many days ago. I’ve spent most of my computer time in recent days creating artwork for comics that never seem to find their way on-line. When it comes to creating completed comics, it helps to write the script first and then execute drawings which serve that script. I rarely work in this straight-forward fashion. Usually, I do the art first, all the while the “script” in my head fluctuates (until I typed this, I thought “fluctuates” had an X in it) and mutates. Sometimes this works great. Other times, I spend hours working on comics that never get posted.

Logan is watching Ice Age on DVD. At two minutes to nine in the morning, he’s on his second viewing of the day.

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