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Boots on the ground

From someone who's been there and knows first hand:
Even though Bush lied about the grounds for war, it doesn't mean that the end results are completely terrible. Saddam was never a threat to the U.S. He was, however, certainly a threat to his own people... (...)We spent a long time going from farm to farm telling people who we really were... We learned that the farmers loved having us around, whether we were setting an ambush along a canal at night or conducting mounted patrols during the day, because the organized criminals that had been allowed to run rampant under the Saddam regime were now kept at bay. (...)

I guess what I'm trying to say is that while there is no excusing the Bush administration for lying to us, I think the resultant war will eventually be for the best as far as the Iraqi people are concerned. Bush got us into a mess, now we need to see it through.

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Nov. 4th, 2003 10:55 am (UTC)
While I was against this war from the start, I'd agree that since we're in there, just "getting out now" is not really a good idea. Generally I feel like we should "finish the job" since it's to late to use "undo"... although I do wish there were a more coherent plan at least being tossed around or discussed about what "finishing the job" really entails and how to get there.

While I'd agree that Saddam was crappy to his people, I would still disagree that going in when, how, and for the reasons we did was, if not 100% so, still a bad idea. Nonetheless, I think that it's a bad thing how America often comes across as giving a damn only about the lives of Americans, and ditching out on the Iraqis after we've done the "quick and easy" part of the war is just what would alienate others even more.

As far as the Iraqi people are concerned however, well- I think that saying that this or that is the "best for the Iraqi people" is a bit like how talking about this or that weather pattern is "best for the people"... because at the end of the day, this military action- like the weather- is an immensely powerful force whose actions were not designed to be anything but indifferent to the end goal of how they affected the people beneath them.
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