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Feedback, Consumerism, and Media

The quotations that I post to my LiveJournal every weekday also go out via email to about 250 subscribers. One of them, Michael Parker from NYC, responded to today's TOTD to say:

I think you would be interested in reading the book Censored 2001 by Peter Phillips & Project Censored. It provides many examples of the deleterious effects of growing corporate power over news, government, environment, and public discourse.

In my view corporations are like predatory animals. They were created to make money, not to make people happy, not to improve the world, not to operate in a just or moral fashion. They perpetuate and grow themselves by whatever means they can, including modifying the environment around them (regulatory & perceptual) to their own advantage. Unlike memes, corporations are self-aware, and they are correspondingly more powerful in that they improve not just through blind evolution of random combination and mutation, but by deliberate, planned modification of the world around them (as well as of themselves). These are the advantages that have allowed humans rather than some other species to subjugate the planet, and are on the way to allow corporations to in turn subjugate humanity.

I don't think corporations are evil per se, they have a life of their own and they need to be harnesses and controlled like other life forms dangerous to humankind.

In addition to Michael's book recommendation, I would direct anyone with an interest in the topic of media, its influence, and the powers that influence it, to the website for my new favorite radio program, NPR's On The Media.

Also, thanks to Raveen for posting a link to today's TOTD from his LiveJournal.


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Jun. 7th, 2001 06:26 pm (UTC)
No problem on the link... The quotation struck my interest... and I wanted to share...
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