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Evil & "Gun Violence"

"Evil is the exercise of power, the imposing of one’s will upon others by overt or covert coercion . . . . The core of evil is ego-centricity, whereby others are sacrificed rather than the ego of the individual."

Link: http://www.strike-the-root.com/3/terry/terry2.html

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Nov. 23rd, 2003 10:23 am (UTC)
I'm a little torn on the 'gun control' issue.
Being from a 'western' state, I should be totally for everyone and their dog and baby having a gun, and I am for the most part.

However, growing up in a kind of rough neighborhood, I counted myelf lucky that the gangs only had knives and clubs. One time, when I was still in Jr. High, a few friends of mine helped me scare off an 18 year old dropout thug. As he held a switchblade on me screaming for the little money I had some freinds threw a 'lawndart' at him from on top of a building, which ended up tearing through his leather jacket and going into his left shoe. That scared him off. I also dislocated a shoulder of another punk with a homemade rocket launcher, that person again only had a knife. Suprised on hindsight I didn't get in real trouble for that incident, if I had been about 4 feet farther away, it might have accelerated enough to tear off his arm.

Now, I'm thinking, if the 'bullies and thugs' had, with the ill gotten gains of a few weeks of lunch money robbery or petty burglary, been able to purchase a $250 Chinese Klashnikov... BTW-In the 80's in my town there were machine guns, but these were only in the hands of devout gun nuts who had thousands to spare, and despite being trigger happy would NOT sell to obvious criminals/dealers. Even the pawn shops were pretty strict on selling guns, because the police and judges were severe. When they ended up with 'stolen' property, they had to return it and pay $3000 in fines at least. Most cities nowadays have it so criminal victims have to PAY for their 'fenced' property from pawn shops.

The question should not be the 'gun control' issue, but why our society seems to make sure that there are always 'underclass' areas plagued by guns, drugs, and violence?

In New York State, for example, the state launched a study of 'prison education' programs, hoping to justify a budget cut. The study found, proved with statistics alone, a loss in recidivism (repeat crimes) based on education recieved. That rate started with 75% for no education, dropped 25% for literacy, then kept dropping about 20% for GED, 1 year college, 2 year college, etc. There were only a few 4 year college prisoners out, too small for any statistics, but not ONE had re-offended. The SAVINGS of the program in reduced prison costs alone was fantastic, something like $1 in education saved $100 in imprisonment.

The state then dropped the prison education programs, and saw a subsequent RISE in repeat offenders returning to jail.
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