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Someone on an Ayahuasca mailing list to which I subscribe wrote:
An interesting point of view might be that "Dubya" agreed to come down to earth and be the focus of all of our anger and wrath. He agreed to be the agent of stimulating us to truly get off of our duffs and change the world. As hard as it often is for us to remember this, he and his cronies, the final flicks of the tail of the dying dragon, are also the gate to the New World.

I like the hope - it is truly energizing. Here's hoping we can make it so, because at the end of an ayahuasca ceremony this summer in Peru, a friend had a clear vision of Bush with two sets of eyes - two were like the eyespot of an Owl Butterfly (ocelli) on his forehead. Said friend is usually a social constructivist when it comes to evil - he had formerly treated evil as more or less a human category, a way that we filter the world and not a fact of it. This ayahusca vision was (somehow) demonstrative proof of the existence of evil for my friend, and he had gnostic knowledge that Bush was indeed an icon of it.

That said, the ayahuasca plant intelligence later told my friend that it was just a passing storm, not to worry, as if to say: Look at the pretty eyespots, see how they aquire a depth while the old world falls away and serpentine portals open up to new ones.


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Jan. 26th, 2004 01:14 pm (UTC)
The people on my deep-conspiracy mailing list liken Bush to an alien hybrid of the reptilian persuasion.
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