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Stupidly Clever

It's really great how some folks dig right into the technical guts of LiveJournal and trick out their journals in a most personal fashion. Really, I think it's great, up to a point.

Many folks seem to feel an irresitable temptation to breeze right past that point and diverge so far from the standard layout that their journal becomes unnavigable. I've seen journals where I had to alter the URL line in my web-browser to get to that user's bio page because they'd thought so far outside the box that they had eliminated any option for navigating to that page by the usual routes. That's great for people who want to make it difficult for others to add their journal to their "friends" list, but I doubt there are many journalers out there who really want to put roadblocks in the path of people who take an interest in their writing and want to read more.

If I want to solve puzzles, I know where to find them. Everyday life has already become on on-going test in visual literacy. Every credit card reader system seems to have it's own intracies and esoteric logic behind the cartoon diagrams which attempt to communicate without words exactly which way the magnetic strip on the back of my debit card should face. Why turn your journal into the equivalent of an annoying gas pump or a door that needs to be pushed when the style of handle indicates that the pulling would make the most sense? Give some thought to the useful aspects of the standard from which you seek to deviate. Or just put up a sign that says "No trogs allowed," and I'll know that you really did mean to deter the prosaic-minded plodders of the world and that I should remove your contributions from my purusal list and have done with it.

I didn't mean for this to turn into a rant. I guess that's what happens when I go cold-turkey on writing about politics (at least in my own journal where I have room to stretch out rather than in the cramped confines of a reply in someone else's journal).


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Feb. 6th, 2004 03:49 pm (UTC)
s2 allows for some fun stuff, adcott is living proof of that, some of the tricks he has pulled are nothing short of amazing, (have a look at this post: http://www.livejournal.com/users/adcott/340917.html , for an interesting, if useless, example.)

but it is a little geek heavy... i found that i could easily alter or eliminate the text on links to my bio, making it read "about me" or "don't click" or get rid of it all together, (as you have seen.) but i couldn't turn off user pics on my friends page, (making it more "work safe", since most of my friends post great content, but can have risque pics,) without a lot of work.

however, since you've mentioned it, i've added a link in my links component to "turn on" friends pics again, just because your post made me think that someone browsing from the outside world might like to see them...
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