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It's been raining all week. I'm ready to start pouring papercrete for the sub-floor, but no can do in downpoors like we've had all week.

We spent last weekend in Kansas City with a friend of mine whom I've known since high school. She has a Sega Genesis video game. It's... what? ...like 13 years old? I hooked it up in order to distract Logan from the non-Logan-proof house. He loved it. He didn't disturb a thing during our entire stay. I figured I could pick up a used Sega Genesis on Ebay for not too much, and sure enough, I found one with three games for $20.50, so I grabbed it.

It arrived today, and I set it up. It's got annoying horizontal bars that hum and scroll up the screen obscuring the action, but they don't deter Logan. He's at it right now, as he has been since I got the system up and running (albeit imperfectly).

Lara wondered aloud as to whether she'd lost her boy forever to video games. Normally, when Lara bakes, Logan likes to help, particularly when she uses the mixer. He pushes a chair up to the kitchen counter and stands on it to get a baker's-eye-view of the action. A few minutes ago, Lara asked Logan if he wanted to help her with the mixer in the kitchen. She sighed when she reported that he answered with, "I just wanna play Sonic."



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