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Done for the Day

Here is a list of things I regularly accomplish during the course of the day:

TOTD: I usually pick the quotes and send the TOTD after I have submitted the previous day's comic and before I go to bed. I usually sleep from about 5 - 11 am.

Morning Pages: Three pages of free (hand-)writing in my journal (a physical object) as soon as I wake up.

Ab Dolly: Gotta keep my abdomen tight in order to safeguard my lower back.

Comic: I generally get started around 9 PM and finish between midnight and 2 am.

Here are things I'd like to add to the list of stuff I regularly accomplish:

Reading: I hardly ever read any more. I want to carve out at least half an hour a day for reading and study.

Writing: The level of creative productivity that I would like to establish as a daily habit involves more writing than I do now.

'Rithmatic: I need to set aside a regular span of time for dealing with life's little administrative details, like paying bills and keeping the books. Lara and I have committed to keeping a more watchful eye on the money that flows into and out of our lives. (This should improve spontaneously once our current stash of pacifying herbs runs out. We don't plan to re-stock for quite a while.)

Heavy Breathing: The exercise I do now takes about 5 minutes in the morning. I'd like to add a good 20 minutes worth of cardio-pulmonary work to that and some stretching. Also, our sex life took a bit of a hit after the baby came on the scene. Once we've got more energy, I'd like to direct some of it into the bedroom.

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