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Are you a "Person of Interest?"

Congress cut funding to Total Information Awareness program. Rather than discontinuing the program, the Pentagon switched it to a "black bag" operation. That means congress has no say in the funding nor any oversite over the program that monitors just about every move you make.

link: http://www.capitolhillblue.com/artman/publish/article_4648.shtml

Lt. Col. Doug Dyer, a program manager for DARPA, defends TIA as a necessary sacrifice in the war on terrorism.

“Americans must trade some privacy for security,” he says. “Three thousand people died on 9/11. When you consider the potential effect of a terrorist attack against the privacy of an entire population, there has to be some trade-off.”

The trade off means virtually every financial transaction of every American is now recorded and monitored by the federal government. Any bank transaction, all credit card charges plus phone records, credit reports, travel and even health records are captured in real time by the DARPA computers.

“Basically, TIA builds a profile of every American who has a bank account, uses credit cards and has a credit record,” says security expert Allen Banks. “The profile establishes norms based on the person’s spending and travel habits. Then the system looks for patterns that break from the norms, such of purchases of materials that are considered likely for terrorist activity, travel to specific areas or a change in spending habits.”

Patterns that fit pre-defined criteria result in an investigative alert and the individual becomes a “person of interest” who is referred to the Department of Justice and Department of Homeland Security, Banks says.

I'll probably be making regular reference to the Panopticon Singularity. If you don't know what that means, check it out.

Panopticon Singularity link: http://www.antipope.org/charlie/rant/panopticon-essay.html


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Jun. 7th, 2004 07:35 am (UTC)
I've had it pointed out to me by several different people that Capitol Hill Blue tends to write unsubstantiated stories. Caveat lector.
Jun. 7th, 2004 11:40 am (UTC)
I'll poke around and see if I can find some confirmation elsewhere.
Jun. 7th, 2004 11:52 am (UTC)
Electronic Frontier Foundation
Here's the EFF's report on the topic with links for futher reading:

Jun. 7th, 2004 12:00 pm (UTC)
Panopticon Instalment Plan
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