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Em Oh One Eighty

Today is my last full day at my current job. I work from 10 to 2 tomorrow, and I have a brief exit interview on Monday morning, and then I'll head home to help the movers load up the truck.

After 15 months in Berryville, Clan O'Connor is loading up the truck and movin' to Fayetteville, Arkansas, the place of my birth. Business is booming in Fayetteville and working here at the cell phone store just isn't pulling in sufficiently long dough. (Well, it actually pulls in plenty of dough, I just don't get to keep enough of it to make it worth my while.)

When my vision of life here involved growing organic veggies and flowers to sell at the local farmers market, I had planned to learn to live on as little money as possible and do as much for my self as I could. That included building my own house.

Well, now that I'm working, my modus operandi and guiding philosophy has done a complete 180. Rather than learning to live on as little as possible, I intend to make as much money as possible. In the service of that new goal we're moving to from a rural backwater where Tyson and Wal*Mart provide the bulk of the employment opportunities to a region that's doing gangbusters in terms of ecconomic growth.

More on this later.

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