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Sunday Morning Politics

In spite of appearances given by my journal posting habits, politics occupies a relatively small corner of the map of my concerns. I think one reason I post on the topic is that I can do so without actually writing (and thus thinking?) very much. Cut, paste, add a little intro or closing comment, and "Presto!"

Continuing in that vein, sutut had this to say in response to my most recent post:
So, finally someone on the "Right" realized that he would do far more damage in the long run and all the 'gains' made would have a strong backlash? A "Conservative" doesn't spend like there is no tomorrow to begin with.

I've been feeling a little irony over the past years. I kind of envied the 60's my parents came of age in, but it now seems like we are about to (if the F*cker steals another election) experience it again.

1. War going on for ever with no end in sight
2. War started for pretend causes to benifit no one but those at the top
3. Massive troop morale breakdown
4. Assault on civil liberties, including using legal powers to harass non-criminal persons/organizations based soley on political belief
5. The media being controlled. It took a while for the 'protest' songs to get on the air, "Eve of Destruction" was banned for a while.

And so it goes...including Kerry sounding very much like he wants to "Leave with honor" and frankly we are all hoping he's lying there and will pull out overnight like Dean said he would.

The response that came immediately to mind was, not surprisingly, not my own, but one that I read from Pat Buchanan:
If Kerry wins, leading a party that detests this war, he will be forced to execute an early withdrawal. Should that bring about a debacle, neocons will indict Democrats for losing Iraq. The cakewalk crowd cannot be permitted to get out from under this disaster that easily. They steered Bush into this war and should be made to see it through to the end and to preside over the withdrawal or retreat. Only thus can they be held accountable. Only thus can this neo-Jacobin ideology be discredited in America’s eyes. It is essential for the country and our cause that it be repudiated by the Republican Party formally and finally. The neocons must clean up the mess they have made, themselves, in full public view.

While I'm quoting Buchanan, read the following and consider that I've taken it from his endorsement of George W. Bush:
In the fall of 2002, the editors of this magazine moved up its launch date to make the conservative case against invading Iraq. Such a war, we warned, on a country that did not attack us, did not threaten us, did not want war with us, and had no role in 9/11, would be “a tragedy and a disaster.” Invade and we inherit our own West Bank of 23 million Iraqis, unite Islam against us, and incite imams from Morocco to Malaysia to preach jihad against America. So we wrote, again and again.

In a 6,000-word article entitled “Whose War?” we warned President Bush that he was “being lured into a trap baited for him by neocons that could cost him his office and cause America to forfeit years of peace won for us by the sacrifices of two generations...”

Everything we predicted has come to pass. Iraq is the worst strategic blunder in our lifetime. And for it, George W. Bush, his War Cabinet, and the neoconservatives who plotted and planned this war for a decade bear full responsibility. Should Bush lose on Nov. 2, it will be because he heeded their siren song—that the world was pining for American Empire; that “Big Government Conservatism” is a political philosophy, not an opportunistic sellout of principle; that free-trade globalism is the path to prosperity, not the serial killer of U.S. manufacturing; that amnesty for illegal aliens is compassionate conservatism, not an abdication of constitutional duty.

Mr. Bush was led up the garden path. And the returns from his mid-life conversion to neoconservatism are now in:

• A guerrilla war in Iraq is dividing and bleeding America with no end in sight. It carries the potential for chaos, civil war, and the dissolution of that country.

• Balkanization of America and the looming bankruptcy of California as poverty and crime rates soar from an annual invasion of indigent illegals is forcing native-born Californians to flee the state for the first time since gold was found at Sutter’s Mill.

• A fiscal deficit of 4 percent of GDP and merchandise trade deficit of 6 percent of GDP have produced a falling dollar, the highest level of foreign indebtedness in U.S. history, and the loss of one of every six manufacturing jobs since Bush took office.

Yes, if you look, you can find quite a few voices from the right who think GWB is running his party and his country into a deep casm. I would direct you to the following website as an introduction to several such voices:

link: http://www.lewrockwell.com

On the topic of complicit media, Lew Rockwell himself wrote:
If you are looking to understand the world today, look right and you find government propaganda of the most servile sort. Every official lie is justified, every skeptic shot down, every dissident dissed, and every person in power regarded as a heroic public servant. Who can stand to read this stuff? It's like Pravda in the bad old days. But look left, and you find fascinating war revisionism, courageous defenses of the innocently detained, principled stands for constitutional rights, well argued exposes of the high and mighty. Which would you rather read (assuming you couldn't read the libertarian press that rises above both)?

link: http://www.lewrockwell.com/rockwell/left-president.html

Rockwell's point is that having a man whom half the populace views as evil incarnate fuels the passions the drive the ideology of the political left. He doesn't say as much, but I extend his argument a little bit and imagine that a Kerry presidency will take the wind out of the Democrats' sails and re-energize the right, which may well re-invent itself in order to overcome the damage done to it by the Neocons.

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