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Hit me with an assignment

Anybody out there taking (or perhaps teaching) an undergraduate philosophy class?

I'm looking for a couple of essay topics suitable for a 5-7 page undergraduate-level essay. I'm looking to write one paper on Plato and one on the philosophy of science. It would be great if the Plato essay topic had something to do with the idea that all learning amounts to recollection (as discussed in the Meno) or with the notion of Platonic Forms which can only be known thru reason, but I welcome all suggested topics.

On the philosophy of science topic, I'm pretty wide open. Feel free to base the assignment on a particular paper/essay/monograph, in which case it would prove most helpful if the reading was something so well-known that I could find it in the library or on-line. I'm not looking to spend money on books or journals.

You may wonder why I'm asking for such an assignment. I've been out of philosophy for a while, but I'm thinking of getting back into it and completing my degree and I'd like to have some writing samples to submit. (This is the truth, but not the whole truth.)

Thanks all.


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Mar. 2nd, 2005 07:05 pm (UTC)
reconcile meno-recollection with scientific advancement - and how that impacts the World of Forms.

( has there always been a Form of Automobile? )

as for philo of science ... hmm ... expansion of definitions and relation to contextuality of knowledge.
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