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Vanity Google: KMO Quotations

Using the search string "kmo extropy" I found the following web page:


This page contains several quotes from yours truly, selected and collected without my knowledge by Eric Boyd. Many of these quotes are over a decade old. Reading thru them, I particularly enjoyed seeing many of my old and forgotten email addresses.

The judgment that I make is that you enjoy feeling persecuted.
I'm not particularly distanced by this, as it's a fairly
common need in my judgment; like the need to be right.
-- KMO, on the level-3 mailing list

Attempts to propagate a counter-meme which makes direct reference to
the meme to be countered reinforces the enemy meme. The harder you
try to fight it, the more attention you bring to it.
-- c538128@mizzou1.missouri.edu (KMO), on the CoV mailing list

[note: c538128@mizzou1.missouri.edu was my very first email address]

The point of consensus which I thought we'd achieved but with which
you claimed to disagree was that 'node-level' security was preferable
(both from a practical and moral standpoint) to 'firewall' security.
In other words, empowering individuals with the knowledge to defend
themselves from mind-viruses and self-destructive memetic programming
is preferable to trying to choke off harmful memes at their source.
Fostering personal responsibility and empowerment is better than
censorship. -- c538128@mizzou1.missouri.edu (KMO), on the CoV
mailing list

The voter-choice-analogy that resonates with me goes a little
sumthin' like this:
You're riding in a car. You are not driving, nor can you speak
directly to the driver. The car has a stereo with two preset
stations (sometimes three). You get to choose which button to
push, or better yet, you and the other passengers get to put to
a vote the question of which preset radio-station to listen to.
Turning off the radio is not an option, and any claim that the
act of pushing one of the two buttons has no impact on the course
the car takes will get you denounced as an irresponsible nihilist
who is just making excuses for the fact that he's too lazy to push
either button. -- KMO

Someone can present me with a iron-clad logical argument to the [effect] that
working counter to the expansion of consciousness will get me more
money, pussy, fame, power, rhetorical finesse, and health, but that
would, for me, be no argument in favor abandoning my axiom. Valuing
consciousness, for me, is not a means to an end. There's no point in
evaluating whether it's the best way to get me where I want to go. It's
not where I'm going; it's who I am.
-- KMO, on the Virus mailing list

Phaith; n
1. the internalizing and embodying of a principle, frequenlty
resulting from an experience of boundary dissolution and/or seeming
participation in a wider, more pervasive consciousness than is the
accepted norm and integrating the principle and/or the effects of
the experience into one's actions, perceptions, and decission making.
2. that level of trust in one's modus which is necessary to function
in an uncertain world. -- KMO, on the CoV mailing list.

I agree with The Church of the Virus and Luciferians on the social
value of most religions and their behavioral mandates. I'd much
rather live in a society based on genuine recognition and
understanding of a social contract. Religious dogma can sometimes
make people act AS IF they recognized the value of cooperation and
self-restraint, but it also generates an environment ripe for
exploitation. I'd much rather teach people WHY they should act with
moderation than simply lay down the laws and threaten those who
don't toe the line with eternal torment.
-- c538128@mizzou1.missouri.edu (KMO), on the CoV mailing list

Ah there's the beauty of this maxims project. It's intended purpose
is to provide us with a framework that will enable us to avoid
falling into the gravity wells of the same old discussions time
and again, but in actual fact, pursuit of this project forces us
to systematically re-visit each of those old saws and get pulled
in all over again.
-- KMO, on the CoV mailing list, mes. 1009,

To grok is to understand intuitively.
-- kmoprime@juno.com (KMO prime), on the CoV mailing list

That might be a useful question to ask yourself. Another question
that might be useful is, "How might I direct my time and energy
in a way that creates lasting value for myself and for the people
I respect and whose goals I share?"
-- KMO, on the CoV mailing list

What I try to do is make a habit of asking myself useful
questions. Questions like, "Is this a workable position
for me to take?" and "Am I arguing for my own limitations?"
-- KMO, on the level-3 list

So I'm not really a sinner? I don't know how I feel about that.
There's something liberating about the knowledge that one is
irredemable scum.
-- KMO <kmo@halcyon.com>, on the CoV mailing list

Adding you to the category of people who don't want to be
categorized does not remove you from any other categories.
-- KMO <kmo@c-realm.com>, on the level-3 mailing list

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