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August 17th, 2017

Getting Started with Keto

I had heard about the ketogenic diet at least a couple of years ago, but I never took any interest. I don't know what prompted me to start such a diet, but I ordered a sample pack of Keto Chow on August 6th. It arrived on August 9th, and I think I tried it for the first time on Friday, August 11th.

On Saturday, I ate a donut in the morning, and I drank quite a lot of alcohol that night, so I clearly wasn't on the diet that day, but I have been every day since then.

On Monday of this week, I weighed myself at the gym. I weighed 208 pounds, which was down about 4 pounds from the last time I'd weighed myself the previous week. I weighed myself again on Wednesday of this week, and I weighed 202 pounds. I'd lost 6 pounds in two days. 

I don't think this is entirely related to the keto diet. I think pure caloric restriction played some role, but I'm also skeptical that I could have lost that much had I fasted for two days straight.

The downside is the "keto flu." I have felt weak and sometimes dizzy a lot of the time, particularly while at work. I'm working in a non-air-conditioned warehouse this summer doing a variety of physical tasks, some of them quite strenuous.

Until I started my keto regimen, I had been doing a 19-hour fast each day which I would break at 3 pm with hard-boiled eggs.

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