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Ropungi Cut-Up and Patch

A number of scientists believe that the coming decades, replete with new metaphors for explanation and guidance, will see "technological change so rapid and profound it could throw down with behaviors and situations sufficiently grizzly to make the Bear pitch his $12 beer and give Juno all due glory.”

Even some reputable scientists, gauging how our notions of causality, dysfunctional but held in common, prompt groups of people to bring themselves into Drunky’s every fantastic change, dance with memory, preferring pants tight and glittery, express their reluctant admiration as she makes her deals and demonstrates her techniques. Some twenty thousand entities, software-based and smart, and ushering in this techno-cornucopia, feel the prospective resolution at hand.

It could hurt, and while I’m tired of waiting, I remain willing to just let it hang in the space of the possible for a bit longer. Give my children a chance to orient themselves before the big push.

Part of the cut-up came from the following paragraph found here:


With a $12 beer in one hand and a grizzler in the other, Drunky The Bear comes out of hibernation. Once again the honor of the title goes to Lajeunesse, it’s his last night in Tokyo- he’s gonna make it his right, if not his responsibility, to give the Juno Japan tour its proper final dose of vice. Our boy goes full tilt, he’s leaving Tokyo in a blaze of glory. Or maybe on a stretcher, it’s 50/50 all the way. So before I know exactly what’s going on, I’m loaning Drunky The Bear $30 bucks for a prospective lap dance from a Czech girl. After a few more $12 beers, Jesse aka, “The Canadian hustler/broker/dealer” steers him away from the Czech and redirects him to an Australian-Sheila selling ecstasy. Good God! With the lap dance now a distant memory, Drunky tries to haggle over the price of the drugs. But he’s no match against the dazzling power of her tight, low cut, white blouse. Gold cranes flap their embroidered wings every time she shoves her massive breasts in his face. Drunky’s powerless, he limply barters but wins no concessions. When he wavers on making the deal, The Sheila wraps her arms around his waist, caresses his ass and gives his balls the reach around. All in plain view, this fast becomes a grand tutorial in timeless sales techniques. We all stand wide-eyed and motionless, committing every grim, fantastic detail to memory.

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