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I backspaced over "ambition" in that subject line because I attach some negative value judgments to the word "ambition" and to people who count ambition as a virtue. But an ambitious person assumes that they make their own destiny, and so I re-typed it. There is remains. I resolve to cultivate ambition in that sense in the new year.

I wrote a year in review post on my work laptop while Logan played (not well I later learned) unsupervised in the McEvil Empire playground. My work laptop works sporadically as an internet devise here at the house. To use it here, I have to squat on a neighbor's wireless network. The signal strength ranges from low but usable to none. The last couple of times I booted it up and tried to use it to get on-line it did not work. I haven't tried today. All this to explain why that entry might show up a bit later and seem out of sync.

I've added more folks to my friends list this New Year's Day than I have in the last several months combined. I've found some high quality pointers on my friends list this morning. People seem to post good stuff at year's end, and some folks who do not post very often find the gumption to get something on-line as the calendar approaches rollover.

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