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LJ Interests meme results

  1. cats:
    Love 'em, though I have no room in my current life situation for them. I look forward to a time when my kids have left the nest and I enjoy a slower, quieter pace of life. Then I will have a nice cat-sized opening in my life.
  2. creative visualization:
    A self-improvement technique that I practiced fervently in my late teens and early twenties that mixes self-hypnosis with concrete goal formulation and affirmations. I haven't done anything along these lines in many years.
  3. ethnopharmacology:
    Plants. Love them plants. They suit me better than the fruits of the chemist's laboratory.
  4. horticulture:
    Did I mention plants? I like 'em.
  5. love and rockets:
    You can get from here to there
    By leaps and bounds or measured steps
    You can make it dark or fair
    Depending on your point of view
    You can get a taste of the glory
    By the ingestion of a simple truth
    You can take a look around
    See the outside see the inside too
  6. myth:
    To quote Steven Colbert, "I love the truth. It's just facts I'm not so crazy about."
  7. peru:
    Been there a couple of times. Got married there. Puked ayahuasca in the jungle and donated much of my life-nourishing blood to the local insect population.
  8. road trips:
    Love 'em. Lara, Logan and I took a memorable roadtrip around Thailand with a friend of ours who lives in Chiang Mai back in 2002. Our trips "down south" remain my best memories of Australia. Took a lot of road trips with my mother when I was a kid.
  9. temple lions:
    Crazy meme that got into my noggin a while back and inspired some esoteric comics.
  10. voluntary simplicity:
    More a treasured fantasy than reality at the moment. I type these words on my laptop computer on the couch sitting with my two boys who are watching Calliou on the DVR. Shortly I will shower, shave, put on a suit and tie and get into my car and drive to Wal*Mart where I will get my daily cut of the grand Medicare Part D goldrush bonanza.

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