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A Gathering of Healers and Scientists

Shamanism Conference in Iquitos, Peru

I'd like to bring wider attention to an upcoming event in Iquitos, Peru hosted by Alan Shoemaker and the Soga del Alma (Vine of the Soul Church).

link: http://www.soga-del-alma.org/ConferenceSite/index.html

In it's core, this meeting will allow to make contact with Ayahuasca through curanderos who dedicate their lives to introduce people to it, in the setting they have always been working: the largest forest of the world. This meeting is therefore mainly a meeting with the teacher and healer Ayahuasca in her homeland. There will also be Curanderos who heal with other plants or by other means. Ayahuasca is not going to be the only aspect of this conference; Shamanism will.

Last but not least, apart from the curanderos who will share with us a plant knowledge that is a priori very foreign to us brought up in the western culture, there will also be talks by western intellectuals who share a true interest in the plant wisdom and do their best to translate it in our western words, thereby working to single out the Vine and its use from the western vision that puts on the same level than other drugs. The following special Guests will be with us this summer: Dr. Dennis McKenna, Benny Shannon, Peter Gorman and Alan Shoemaker, Dr. Valentin Hampjes, Dr. Jacques Mabit, Dr. Richard Grossman, Jimmy Weiskopf, Jan Kounen, Kevin Furnace, and many more to be announced. Each speaker will have a specific topic they will discuss. Every traditional healer (curandero, shaman) will also speak independently as well as be a member of the panel discussions.

My (at that time, future) wife and I spent a month with Alan Shoemaker and his family in Iquitos in 2000. You can find photos and accounts of our adventures there on C-Realm:

link: http://www.c-realm.com/away.cgi

Alan and his wife Mariella cooking Ayahuasca. January, 2000

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