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I learned from david_lucifer that, "the Orthodox Singularitarian meme has spoken through the authority of its Prime Host and decreed that your attemptied infiltration is heresy ;-) >>"

I am summarily banning any discussion of McKenna's theories. Not
interesting, period, let alone proper to SL4.

I also think the Shamanism thread has played out, unless someone has an
original, unobvious comment to make on the problem of misguided souls who .

Comments suggesting that McKenna might be read - give me a farking
break. Exercise some common sense. You know how some propositions are
TRUE, and others are FALSE? This stuff is FALSE. Get over it already.
There's no point in keeping a mind so open that anyone can dump in
random garbage, and you'll nod wisely and say, "By golly, there might be
something to it." There's not. Some ideas are just completely wrong.
Accept it and move on.

SL4 List Owner.

Link: http://sl4.org/archive/0602/13860.html

Eliezer posted that decree to the SL4 list on 13 February.

The next day, Paul Hughes, creator and head honcho at FutureHi, a psychedelic-friendly futurist forum, posted the following:
Tired - Transhumanism, Wired - Clowns!

Dear Transhumanists and Scientific Materialists,

If you are reading this please tell everyone you know that we are no longer aligning ourselves with the transhumanist movement. We are looking to create something better. The reason is that transhumanism in its current form has become almost entirely coopted by an exclusive form of scientific materialism and reductionism. Although there are exceptions, and I counted myself among them, the overwhelming thrust is against all things not totally rooted in hard science (i.e discussions of soul, spirituality and mysticism will get you flamed beyond belief). Therefore, the label and movement called 'transhumanism' has become so dominated by those voices, that to further align with that philosophy as I've tried to do with this site, has done nothing but harm to the deeper message here. The overriding drumbeat of Transhumanism has becoming nothing more than tiresome and arrogant attempts to convert everything to materialist descriptions and computational metaphors.

So if you are one of them, please walk away, dismiss us as you would some rambling psychic reading tarot cards. If you are staying because you think you might convince one of us misguided hippies to your way of thinking, we've already walked your path. We've moved on. We're post-transhumanists now. So look in the mirror if you dare, perhaps you are the one who has become lost. No worries, we are a compassionate bunch here, and we feel your pain. If what you're really looking for is something bigger, better, happier, more exciting, joyous, fullfilling and meaningful than transhumanism, you've come to the right place!

For those of you who still insisting on sticking around, Take Five, then:

Imagine as you're looking at Future Hi, what you're really seeing is some ultra-silly, non-sensical, unscientific, and flimsy bunch of off-their rocker charlatans who make up lies about our claims to psychic experiences, and who don't care about evidence, validity, or scientific reproduceability. Just pretend we are a bunch of goof balls who don't take materialist descriptions for EVERYTHING seriously anymore. Besides, it's all a big joke to us, and we are still waiting for the rest of you to lighten up. You see, we are a bunch of silly new age people with funny hats, silly clothes, and even sillier beliefs in funny channeled beings and other mythical fairies and hobgoblins. We believe Harry Potter is a real person, along with Merlin, Gandalf and Frodo. We worship funny incarnations of our imagination, and we play flutes in the sun while dancing naked with green jello all over our bodies.

Don't worry, it's never too late. If after the Singularity you finally get it, we'll be happy to let you back in. There's room for everyone in heaven. In the meantime,

Nothing to see here, move along.


link: http://www.futurehi.net/

I don't have time to compose much in the way of commentary to these two items. I'll leave that to other active minds. (I don't have internet access at work, so, even though I have lots of time at work to sit around reading and writing, I generally only make lengthy posts on the weekend.)

Let me just say that I don't swear alliegence to either pope, though I do tend to identify with the first person to post a comment to Paul Hughes' rant.


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Feb. 16th, 2006 02:23 pm (UTC)
Wow, they sound like a bunch of Libertarians. ;)
Feb. 17th, 2006 02:51 am (UTC)
a bunch of Libertarians
The Singularitarianites on the scientific/rationalist end of the spectrum tend to go for Libertarianism, as do the cross-over set (folks like me who generally fall in with the materialists until the materialists start getting self-righteous and dumping on everyone who entertains thoughts about the long list of forbidden topics). As we get closer to the end of the continuum where the people don't have the vocabulary to talk to the rationalists in their own language politics grow increasingly liberal (in the contemporary sense of the word).

Of course, I can back these generalizations up with nothing other than my own experience.
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