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I've caught the podcasting bug, and I'm working towards the first instalment of the C-Realm podcast. Wanna help?

I've got lots of good stuff on MiniDV digital video tapes. I need to move the content from tape to computer. The video camera and docking station have RCA and S-Video output. Does anyone know of something I can use to connect my camera/docking station to my computer's USB or Firewire ports? That's the necessary first step.

Next, I'll store all the video on the Creative Commons archive. After that I'll select the bits that work as audio and build a show around them using PodOmatic.


I'll be using exclusively podsafe music. I've found a good source for that here:


How can you help?

I know a lot of you make music. Do you have any audio that I can use on the show?

Maybe you don't make music, but you're pretty good at listening to it. You could help me dig through the music.podshow archive to find music that sets a sort of spacey atmospheric mood. The electronica and trance genres seem like obvious choices, but anything without lyrics might prove useful. Let me know if you find anything.

Do you have any audio files that are funny, interesting, or otherwise engaging to the mind's ear? May I use them?

Obviously, I'm not paying for anything other than hardware at this time, but I will provide a link back to your LJ or other website in exchange for any audio resources you provide.


<h3>Update 05 October 2006</h3>

I've finally got <a href="http://c-realmpodcast.podOmatic.com">the first C-Realm podcast</a> posted to the web. Given that nearly four months have passed since I first started making noises about doing a podcast, I have acheived the most basic functional level of technical proficiency, but that will change over time. Does anyone know of an Audacity tutorial?



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