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TOTD 20 Aug 2001

We need to put an end to the spread of Ecstasy into our communities. All of us must work together and educate our young people of the dangers of “designer drugs.” That begins by having a clear and unequivocal message that drug use is wrong. I hope the Supreme Court spreads that message this fall.

-Congressman Bob Barr, Georgia Republican, from his essay, America's Children Sacrificed by Drug Legalizers

Does it really need to be said that the government is the last tool a parent should wish to use to send a message to their children? Good morals and habits are not taught by government. They are taught by parents. Propaganda and politically correct thinking (aka right thinking, aka not thinking) are taught by government.

-Jay Carper


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Aug. 20th, 2001 12:31 pm (UTC)
drug hypocrisy
everyone made such an ado about the watering down of cancer drugs Gemzar and Taxol by a Kansas City pharmacist, that I think they missed the real story, namely that 1900 mg of chemo drug Gemzar costs a whopping $1000. (Certainly i'm out of the loop on this, but who pays 500 bucks a gram for a designer or recreational drug?)

The real drug abusers are the pharmaceuticals, and they only stand to get richer, what with social security and medicare in jeopardy (which will probably force some new tasty legislation, drafted no doubt by the pharmaceutical lobbyists) and the boomers getting on in age. (Imagine when all those aging hippies wake up to find themselves impotent? ohh, wouldn't you love to be holding a phizer certificate on that day? Heartless capitalists should invest now.)

Which only brings me to my main point, which is, imagine how much money the government could put into rehab, education, urban renewal, patient's health care, and low income housing if they legalized and taxed the illegal recreational drug trade and turned that tax into funding for those social programs? I think the reality of the drug paranoia is actually just a desire to keep getting those tasty kickbacks from the Medellien cartel.
Aug. 20th, 2001 06:28 pm (UTC)
Re: drug hypocrisy
I agree.

The government enjoys having that much more control, I guess. The closed-minded way that most of our ancient congressmen have been raised hinders coming up with other, logical ways to solve the country's problems.
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