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I have never scored consistently on the Meyers-Briggs Personality Type indicator. The NF in the middle has proved pretty stable, but the letters on the outside flip-flopped. The last time I put on my test result and wore it like a second skin, I was living in a studio apartment in downtown Seattle with two cats. No wife. No kids. I discovered LiveJournal while living in that apartment. At that time, I scored an INFJ: the Counselor.

Counselors are introspective, cooperative, directive, and reserved. Counselors find helping others to personally develop and reach their potential to be personally gratifying as they have a strong desire to contribute to the welfare of others. Counselors often communicate to others in a personalized manner and are positive and kind when dealing with others. Counselors are good listeners and are highly intuitive. They are often able to detect the emotions or intentions of another individual before the individual is aware of them. Counselors are sometimes amazed at their ability to read the emotions of others and this extreme empathetic ability could be the psychological basis for premonitions, mind reading, and other psychic phenomena.

Counselors usually have intricately interwoven personalities and rich inner lives. They tend to keep their innermost thoughts and emotional reactions to themselves which can make them tough to get to know. Counselors tend to be private people, possibly because their ability to take in the emotional experiences of others can cause them to be easily hurt. They have great depth of personality and can understand complex issues and individuals.

I just took it a few minutes ago, and I came up an ENTJ: the Fieldmarshal.

Fieldmarshals are introspective, pragmatic, directive and expressive. They are highly skilled in situational organizing and marshalling. Their ability to do contingency planning is a close second to their ability to do structural engineering. As their organizing and coordinating skills are highly developed, fieldmarshals excel at marshalling evidence, systemizing, generalizing, summarizing and prioritizing. Their ability to do structural or functional analysis is likely to be underdeveloped by comparison so they may need to turn to an Architect or an Inventor for this type of input.

Fieldmashals have a strong desire to give structure and direction to groups of people. Of all the role variants, fieldmarshals are the most likely to see where an organization is going and they have the desire to communicate that vision to others. Thus they are more directive in their social exchanges they are informative. Fieldmarshals often rise to positions of responsibility in work as they are devoted to their jobs and are excellent administrators. Fieldmarshals enjoy being executives.


Fieldmarshals are impatient with the repetition of error, ineffectiveness and inefficiency. If an established procedure can be demonstrated to be ineffective at accomplishing a certain goal, they will abandon the procedure. Fieldmarshals keep long-term and short-term objectives in mind while striving to turn their organizations into smooth-functioning systems.



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Jul. 18th, 2006 10:33 pm (UTC)
Interesting. I'm consistently an INFJ, but then, I haven't had kids ;-)
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