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I intentionally listened to nothing but podcasts as I drove around yesterday, and none of them mentioned 9/11. I avoided the drivetime NPR shows to which I usually tune in. I did, however make a point of watching the first segment of the Daily Show last night at ten. Usually when I watch the Daily Show, I watch the previous day's episode on the DVR.

I have voluntarily watched the footage of the planes hitting the twin towers and of those towers falling all of twice in five years. Of course, I've been subjected to quick clips and still images on television countless times since then, but after I watched the streaming video from the BBC website on the day of the attacks, I did not consciously and deliberately watch that footage again until a couple of years later when I watched a documentary on the mechanics of the towers' collapse. (Okay, three times. I watched it once by myself, and then I watched a second time on the morning of September 11th, 2001, when I showed the video stream to Lara. We both cried.)

Some people, or so I hear, watch the things again and again like Serbs and Croats singing songs about wrongs done to their side hundreds of years ago fearing that they will lose their identity should they allow their white hot hatred and sense of victimhood to fade.

I've skimmed the postings from yesterday on my LJ friend's list. The only thing I've read so far that has made any impression on me comes from prester_scott:
As to the broader matter of Terror and The War On it, I prefer to do my part in fighting terrorism first and foremost by living my life without fear. I refuse to be cowed by overstated threats into taking irrational action. I will not be swayed by pseudo-patriotic propaganda into uncritical acceptance of public policy purporting to make us safe. This is the case no matter the source, whether "left" or "right."




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Sep. 13th, 2006 01:38 pm (UTC)
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