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Border Control

I think this essay by crasch deserves to be read and linked to.



Oct. 1st, 2006 03:34 pm (UTC)
Re: if you dont like a dab of brown in a largely white community,
Every country with the means to control its borders exercises discrimination at its borders. Try to enter Australia without a visa. Try to move there without speaking fluent English. Try moving there with a crimal record and they will exercise discrimination and deny you entry (or lock you up in an internment camp). If you use the word "discrimination" exclusively to refer to politically incorrect racial or gender-based judgements and actions, then you do not understand the meaning of the word. If you refuse to let your children associate with known criminals, then you are exercising your powers of discrimination, and rightly so.

a town or a city isnt 'private'. not in a democracy. otoh, saudi arabia, for e.g, does impose severe restrictions at community levels...no taking photographs on the streets, not allowing women to drive, discouraging heathens. is that what crasch is suggesting and is that you are supporting?

I support the right of a community to determine who can and cannot participate in that community and how. I support the right to choose, though I do not necessarily think that the specific choices made by certain communities like Saudi Arabia constitute wise or humane choices. I cannot speak for crasch. I use what influence I have to encourage wise and humane discrimination. In the case of Saudi Arabia, I have no influnce.

Notice that I have answered all of your questions. Would you do me the same courtesy?

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