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Just Start

So, I've got two very rough-edged podcasts on the web and a third in the works, and things are really starting to open up. I got in touch with a group called LEAP (Law Enforcement Against Prohibition) and asked them if they had any members in Northwest Arkansas I could interview for an episode of my podcast. I got a reply and struck up a correspondence with Mike Smithson, the Speakers Bureau Coordinator for LEAP. Mike encouraged me to conduct phone interviews with LEAP speakers. I told him I was still working up the technical chops to conduct phone interviews, but that I'd get back to him when I was ready to move forward.

A couple of days ago I recorded my first phone interview with sgnp, so I emailed Mike Smithson and he put me in touch with J AKA Sonofliberty. J has been working with LEAP for about three months helping them establish a presence in podcast space. J works as a software engineer, and his political motivations pretty much mirror my own. He's into producing podcasts from the operational-technical-organizational end of things, but he doesn't like to play the role of on-air host.

Last night I got an email from J in which he wrote:
Listened to your podcasts. Prety good. I know what you mean about not waiting for things to be perfect. I think you have a great voice for hosting.

I recently lost my host (no idea why or where he went) for the ganja lounge, a potcast that we did 4 episodes of before his departure. I did all the mastering and mixing for him, as well as put the news segments together and the show was a pretty good hit (in 1 month we had over 20k listeners).

If you are interested in bringing our efforts together let me know. At freetheplant.org we support LEAP, the MPP, and NORML to get them into new media, which is an area they lack the tech knowledge.

I called J this morning and talked to him for about half an hour. We're going to move forward, and I may acheive a technically polished podcast way ahead of the schedule I had in my mind. I intend to keep doing the C-Realm podcast on my own because the collaborative work with J won't have a place for discussions of the Singularity, organic agriculture, and the other non-drug war topics that interest me, but the C-Realm podcast will have to take a back seat to the more polished collaborative project taking shape.

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