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PodOmatic seems to be broken

I'm trying to upload C-Realm Podcast Episode #21, but PodOmatic seems to be broken. I started hunting around to see if I could find any info on the cause. In that search, I uncovered an article that starts out with:
PodOMatic: Now everybody's a podcaster

At the Under the Radar startup love-fest last week, I was critical about the podcasting companies presenting. I believe that an individual can only absorb so much linear spoken-word audio during a day. Music is different - it can be played in the background. But most podcasts require attention, and most people just don't have much to spare. For my part, on most days I listen to CNET's Buzz Out Loud and maybe an NPR podcast during my commute, and after that I have no time left for other 'casts. It's a shame, but that's the nature of linear attention.

link: http://news.com.com/2061-12572_3-6085154.html

Yeah, well, if you're so busy that you don't have any attention to spare, then I would suggest that you take THAT as an indication that you need to cultivate some free time and re-allocate some of your attention. Now, my advice assumes that you don't like the fact that you have very little cognative disk space available. Perhaps you're Michael Pollan, and every minute of every day is taken up with satisfying mental activity that brings you wealth, fame, and good health. Michael Pollan probably doesn't need to enact the time/attention reallocation life maintainence I'm talking about here.

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