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Episode 24: catalyzing agents

In this 24th episode, KMO talks with two people whose path with heart
lead them to Maddison County, Arkansas. After that we'll re-visit the
Technological Singularity with Ran Prieur.


Karen and David don't yet have a website for their arts retreat. When they do, I'll link to it.

Ran Prieur has written a lot of groovy essays and articles which you can find on his website: http://www.ranprieur.com

How to Drop Out stands as his most popular essay.

Other Podcasts:

Psychedelic Salon: Trialouge MINI

Changesurfer Radio: Trans-Spirit with Mike Latorra

All In The Mind: Prospects for a Transhuman Mind with Leda Cosmides


Maybe you noticed... maybe not, but I did not put any music behind the interviews this week. The only music I used is the unofficial C-Realm Podcast theme, Somptin Happnin' which you can download for free at the Promonet/IODAlliance website.

Download "Somptin Happnin'" (mp3)
from "Polymorphic Convolutions"
by Various Artists
Electronic Soundscapes

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