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Net Neutrality

Quote from mungojelly excerpted from his response to a post to singularity_now on the topic of net neutrality:
The set and setting of a society is essential to its future.

Don't ask me about net neutrality. I don't have much to say on the topic other than it will prove even more ephemeral than most of the notions about the emergence of a global mind (i.e. a mature internet with near-universal human participation and practically undetectable user interfaces) that might be kicking around in your brain.


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Apr. 16th, 2007 06:40 am (UTC)
It's interesting this Net Neutrality business! Suddenly we have Ted Kennedy putting out vlog entries on how the internet ought to be structured. It's a really odd time for them to get interested in what the internet is going to be like, of course. But they're responding like policymakers. They're responding as if this were the past, and new technologies just moseyed on up & you could consider at length how to regulate them. They've just started to respond to the internet on a different level of their bureaucratic comprehension, IOW. It's starting to sink in.

But of course it hasn't really sunk in. Not what's really happening. They think they get it because they're just starting to understand that there's a new kind of "press" here, where everyone is talking. They're starting to get what the internet became in the 90s. If they think half a step ahead, it's to think, "Oh my gosh! Internet is going to be the new TV!" Not quite, folks. Not quite.

You know what I find really encouraging about the progress of the net over the past few years? Porn. Pornographic movies, in particular. It doesn't surprise me in the least that they can't control pornographic pictures at this point, any more than they could control texts (HA!!). But there is an astonishing quantity, quality and variety of pornographic movies freely available today on the web, and that says something. Today, when people still have to pay non-trivial bandwidth charges to share those movies. Today when there are so many powerful forces trying to stop those substantial chunks of data from moving. Today when we are still in a society which very strongly, nearly universally, disapproves of beastiality, coprophilia, etc-- it's all still only one click away. Carnal knowledge wants to be free, and there's no way in heeeeeeeell to keep every other kind of knowledge from hitching a ride.

Net Neutrality isn't a discussion about what kinds of knowledge will be available. It's just a discussion about which primates are going to get the most money for selling us the future. It's another rich white man game. Fuck it.
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