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Wasting Away

Months ago, I bought a scale with a digital readout and hid it from Lara in the bathroom in the basement. I hid it because she had told me she hadn't kept a scale in her apartment because she knew she'd "be on it every 15 minutes." I broke the news to her about the scale a few weeks ago, and now she uses it regularly, but I hadn't used it myself since before the first of this year.

Yesterday, we wanted to weigh the baby, so I got the scale from downstairs and weighed myself. That way I could subtract my weight from our combined weight when I got on the scale with the baby and arrive at his weight (18 pounds, as it turns out).

The scale gave me a pleasant surprise. I weighed 20 pounds less than I did when last I checked.

When I started my current web comix project, I focused my attention on documenting my slimming down program. Since Logan's birth, that whole concern has fallen by the wayside. I bought one pair of jeans with a 38" waistband, wore them every day, and forgot all about the 36s in the drawers of my wardrobe. These days, we rarely go anywhere or see anyone. I haven't had a haircut since before our wedding in October, and tending to the baby leaves us little energy to devote to the cosmetic aspects of our personal appearance. In short, other concerns pushed the weight issue from my mind.

Now, while the idea of my weight and general appearance got bumped from my list of active worries, concern for my lower back has escalated into the top 8. I have a history of lower back pain, and I think I've seen a correlation between the state of my abdominal muscles and the frequency and intensity of pain in my lower back. I must keep my back in working order. If I can't pick up the baby, Lara's daily burden increases; something she certainly doesn't need, so it remains crucial for me to look after my abdomen. To that end I've been using my ab dolly everyday. Not to reduce my waist, but to protect my back.

Also, I cut way back on my alcohol consumption. I think that, in part, my body expressed its displeasure with my alcohol consumption by packing on the weight.


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Apr. 26th, 2001 08:30 pm (UTC)
I dont know, KMO. Wouldn't yoga be a better choice for relief from back pain? You mentioned that you began practicing yoga. Fish pose immediately followed by shoulder stand is the very basic exercise for the lumbar region. Do you have an instructor? I dont know what the ab-dolly does exactly, but by its name one would imagine it has something to do with the abodminal region.
Apr. 26th, 2001 10:55 pm (UTC)
Yoga and back pain
Hi Venus,

I don't have a yoga instructor. I practiced along with a video. Perhaps if I had started with an instructor s/he would have steered me clear of the postures that aggrevated my back pain.

For now, I'll stick with what has proven effective for me, ie keeping my belly tight with abdominal exercises. I still practice a few yoga postures, but only ones that I can complete while standing up.

The comic for 10 August 2000 includes a picture of the ab dolly.
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