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C-Realm Podcast #49 part 1

Episode 49 - Part 1: The Dharma of Conscious Creativity

In this episode, KMO welcomes Digital Crusader, Eric Boyd, back to the
program to talk about Transhumanist perspectives on the environment
and sustainable living. Later we hear from Philip Horvath of the
Center for Conscious Creativity, and finally KMO talks with BrainPaint
creator, Bill Scott, about the potential of EEG biofeedback technology
for ADD therapy, meditation, and self-improvement.


Eric Boyd is a co-founder of Stumbleupon.com, and he shares his forward-looking mindset with brainy readers in his Digital Crusader blog. This is Eric's second time on the show. You can listen to his first outing in episode #34 of the C-Realm Podcast: Principles of Precaution.

Philip H. Horváth, co-founder of the Center for Conscious Creativity and an independent agent, is a multi-talented compulsive creative and synthetic systems thinker. A counselor, coach, and consultant, all his activities are marked by three key components: immersion, integration, and innovation. Complete bio

Bill Scott is the principal investigator and first author of an addiction research project that yielded a 79% success rate with Native American alcoholics. This study was with Dr. Eugene Peniston (in press). An interview with Bill by the Psychiatric Times was published as a feature article. Bill Scott has also presented research at the American Association for the Advancement of Science with Dr. David Kaiser. Bill trained the researchers Dr. John Gruzelier and Dr. Tobias Egner (members of Department of Cognitive Neuroscience and Behaviour, Imperial College Medical School) in the use of alpha-theta protocols. The results of this research project so improved music abilities among Royal Conservatoire of Music students that the Conservatoire has made these protocols a mandatory part of the school’s curriculum. Complete bio

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