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Patrice Gross to Speak at Omni Center

OMNI center for Peace, Justice & Ecology annual meeting will be on Friday, January 25. It starts at 6:00pm with a community meal (donation), and workshops start at 7:00pm. The center is in Fayetteville, at Mapple and Storer, in the United Campus Ministery building. For info call 479-973 9049.

Sustainable Farming: the gentle way to feed the planet, one community at a time:
A discussion with Patrice Gros of farming practices which can change the way food is grown, and how it can save our families, our communities, and our planet.


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Jan. 21st, 2008 01:21 am (UTC)
Hello! I just wanted to say hello. I'm Michelle and my husband, Andrew, and I just discovered your podcast. I really enjoyed the interviews with Kunstler and Orlov, but most of all, I enjoyed your take on the who debate between positivism and the "doomist"view of the world.

That polarity has long been a dialog between my husband and I. We're part of a farm project that includes aspects of permaculture, local food production/sale, CSA, organic farming methods, post-petroleum techniques, etc., but it is also community oriented. There are spiritual aspects as well, but as we (as a farm community) plan and vision for our future, my husband and I are becoming increasingly aware of the fact that so many people are unaware (Or refuse to recognize) the distressing possibilities of a post-peak future. And so we must create a balance. Your attitude and your podcast are a refreshing and useful take on this dichotomy and may prove very enlightening to others in our community.


PS I hope that you do not mind, but I added you as a friend.
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