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The questions were posed by Kevin Zaar of Reality Portal.

Who you are and what's your mission?

I go by the internet handle KMO. I don't have a secret identity. My initials are KMO, and if someone were really interested, it wouldn't take much time or effort to find out what those initials stand for.

I don't have an explicit mission statement, but if pressed, I think I would borrow the terminology that Robert Grudin uses in his book, American Vulgar: The Politics of Manipulation versus the Culture of Awareness. On page 3 (which is really the first page of chapter one) Grudin writes, "An action is vulgar when it is at once ignorant, harmful, and popular. And vulgarization is any process in which public awareness is stifled in the interest of state power or private

Using Grudin's terminology, I hope that my efforts provide an antidote to the vulgarity induced by the corporate media. That said, I don't like to define myself or my activities in terms of what I oppose. I am FOR consciousness. The C in C-Realm stands for "consciousness."

Your Vision?

My vision is that of people living satisfying lives in human-scale communities, feeding themselves locally and in a sustainable way, and making enlightened use of appropriate technology.

What's your look upon the future?

We stand at the cusp of a big change. There are several scenarios that seem plausible to me. Some of them are quite horrific. Those are the ones that result from the continuation of business as usual in the pursuit of ever-increasing wealth and control for the current ruling elite. I hold open the possibility of a technological singularity, but if it is not preceded by a profound expansion of consciousness, then the coming of so-called artificial intelligence and the vastly extended ability to manipulate matter by means of nanotechnology will likely mark the end of those aspects of humanity that conscious people cherish most and hope most to preserve.

Can blogs make a change?

Blogs provide a means of propagating information that does not fit the agenda of the corporate media and of introducing new viewpoints to the larger cultural conversation. They have already contributed to making a valuable change.

Tell us your greatest source of inspiration.

At the risk of sounding trite, I think the "greatest source" is the life energy of the living biosphere, i.e. Gaia. A great many people inspire me, but no one person or group of people even approaches being the "greatest source."

What is your perspective regarding the 9/11 catastrophe?

The most likely explanation in my mind involves a "false flag" operation designed to further the pent-up ambitions of groups bent on expanding the apparatus of control, but I don't BELIEVE that explanation to be true, nor do I devote any significant portion of my time or attention to the topic. I don't see much benefit in fixating on that one event.

Richard Grove sent me an email in which he wrote, "Synchronicity is my guide, [and] my podcast (www.911synchronicity.com) is all about using 9/11 as the keyhole through which we can all come to learn about our world."

Given his close personal connection to the events of that day, I can certainly see him using the lens of 9/11 to focus his attention in a useful way, but I think that most people who did not lose a loved one in the attacks yet continue to obsess over the events of that one day are keeping themselves locked in a maladaptive mindset.

What is your message to the World?




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