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"C" stands for consciousness

Episode 84: No More Addiction

Host KMO talks with New York Times best-selling author Steve Alten about his new book The Shell Game. Was 9/11 a false flag operation? Will the next attack result in a canceled 2008 election and an indefinite extension of the Bush-Chaney regime? How far will the Neo-cons go to indulge the appetites of the Saudi "royals," and what won't they do to shield the House of Saud from the consequences of its many crimes?

In the interview, Steve made many references to Crossing the Rubicon: The Decline of the American Empire at the End of the Age of Oil By Michael C. Ruppert, which you can find in the C-Realm Amazon store.

Steve Alten interviewed by Alex Jones: http://www.alexjonesfan58.com/mp3/20080307_alexjones_stevealten.mp3

Steve Alten on the Jim Bohannon show: http://www.alexjonesfan58.com/mp3/20080306_jimbohanon_stevealten.mp3

And here's Steve presenting his uncompromised message on a corporate media TV news talk show:


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Apr. 4th, 2008 02:45 pm (UTC)
Re: Very compelling!
Hey WakingSleep,

Yeah, I've been having trouble with the Grow Report as well. I'm thinking about just creating a C-Realm discussion community here on LiveJournal.

I searched my gmail inbox for "Charles Eisenstein," and I see that I sent myself a quote from The Ascent of Humanity. (Sorry, no time for links this morning.) Here's what I sent myself:
Another way of being is possible, and it is right in front of us,
closer than close. That much is transparently certain. Yet it slips
away so easily that we hardly believe it could be the foundation of
life; so we relegate it to an afterlife and call it Heaven, or we
relegate it to the future and call it Utopia. (When nanotechnology
solves all our problems… when we all learn to be nice to each other…
when finally I'm not so busy…) Either way, we set it apart from this
world and this life, and thereby deny its practicality and its reality
in the here-and-now. Yet the knowledge that life is more than Just
This cannot be suppressed, not forever.

What error, then, what delusion has led us to accept the lesser lives
and the lesser world we find ourselves in today? What has rendered us
helpless to resist the ugliness, pollution, injustice, and downright
horror that has risen to engulf the planet in the last few centuries?
What calamity has so resigned us to it, that we call this the human
condition? Those moments of love, freedom, serenity, play—what power
has made us believe these are but respites from real life?

Inspired by such moments, I have spent the last ten years trying to
understand what keeps us—and what keeps me—from the better world that
our hearts tell us must exist. To my endless amazement, I keep
discovering a common root underneath all the diverse crises of the
modern age. Underlying the vast swath of ruin our civilization has
carved is not human nature, but the opposite: human nature denied.
This denial of human nature rests in turn upon an illusion, a
misconception of self and world. We have defined ourselves as other
than what we are, as discrete subjects separate from each other and
separate from the world around us. In a way this is good news.
Profound changes will flow, and are already flowing, from the
reconception of the self that is underway. The bad news is that our
present conception of self is so deeply woven into our
civilization—into our technology and culture—that its abandonment can
only come with the collapse of much that is familiar. This is what the
present convergence of crises portends.

I'd like to have Charles on the podcast, but it will be several weeks before I have an opening for a full-length interview. You might write to him and make him aware of the podcast so that he'll be more inclined to accept my interview request when I finally get around to sending it. ;)

Thanks for listening and for your feedback. Stay well.
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