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TOTD 15 Oct 2001

The apocalypse is not something which is coming. The apocalypse has arrived in major portions of the planet and it's only because we live within a bubble of incredible privilege and social insulation that we still have the luxury of anticipating the apocalypse. If you go to Bosnia or Somalia or Peru or much of the third-world then it appears that the apocalypse has already arrived.

-Terrence McKenna

False Gods are everywhere.
Every time you pick up a newspaper
or turn on the television
or go to a store
you are exposing yourself
to a barrage of propaganda.

Are you foolish enough to believe
that this doesn't affect you?

-Paul Williams


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Oct. 15th, 2001 03:22 pm (UTC)
Say... what do you know about the general attitude towards Americans in Peru right now? Are there any anti-American protests etc...?
Oct. 16th, 2001 11:44 am (UTC)
Re: Peru
I haven't heard anything about anti-American sentiment in Peru since September 11th. In my experience, when a Peruvian stranger sees me (in Peru), they look for an opportunity of some kind. Their motivation is wholly pragmatic and apolitical.

You'll be spending most of your time at Augustine Rivas' place near Tomshiaku (sp?), a little town that has one car (a police car) and has electricity for about 4 hours a day. I don't think the locals devote much of their mental energy to getting worked up over issues of global politics.

Once you get out of Lima you'll be pretty safe, and the danger in Lima is, again, motivated by pragmatism and need and not by politics.

Safety tip:
Never get into a police car in Lima. If a police officer tells you to get into a car, offer to walk with him to the nearest police station. If you get into the car, you aren't going to any police station.

If a cop in Lima plants drugs on you, offer him a bribe immediately. As with entrepreneurial cops the (3rd) world over, the longer you wait to pay up, the more cops become involved, the more you pay. So pay early.
Oct. 15th, 2001 04:03 pm (UTC)

The obscure religious sect I belong to teaches about pralaya, which is not the end of the world but the breakdown of form into chaos. According to ancient mathematical calculations, pralaya should have begun right around 1939. The nature of this age is that neither grief nor joy is distributed evenly, so different cultures experience pralaya at different times and to different extents, but pralaya is still going on for all of them. Pralaya is supposed to end around 2140, at which point there's Mahapralaya, a state where evrything's been re-absorbed into its source. There's no point talking about time during Mahapralaya and no relevant way of measuring its duration. After Mahapralaya, a new cycle of ages begins.

So at least it all turns out well for awhile!
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